I have 9 rose species in my garden now. You can click on the link on the name to learn more about this rose variety.

NameColorClassUsual HeightScent
Black BaccaraDark RedShrub Rose0.8m-1.2mLight
Red LaceRedShrub Rose1.2mLight
Ocean SongLight PurpleShrub Rose0.6m-1.2mLight
Prince Of PersiaDark PurpleShrub Rose1.0mLight
NahemaLight PinkClimbing Rose1.8m-3.0mStrong
Strawberry MacaronLight PinkShrub Rose0.8m-1.2mLight
Peach AvalanchePeachShrub Rose0.8mLight
MasoraPeachShrub Rose0.6-2.0mStrong
Jude the ObscureSoft YellowShrub Rose1.2mStrong
Cloche de MariageWhiteShrub Rose0.8m-1.2mStrong
Juicy Terrazza
Juicy Terrazza
A bouquet from my garden
A bouquet from my garden